As our campaign enters the final weekend, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on the last few months.

First and foremost, we want to thank our families. Time away from home and the rigorous campaign of running for office are taxing on a family. Thank you to our spouses, Katy, Drew, and Emily and our children for allowing us time to share our love and commitment for our school district.

We could not have run our campaign without the help of our friends, neighbors, fellow parents, and various other community members, leaders, and organizations who we have met since filing to run for the school board. The conversations we had will be beneficial to us as school board members as we move forward.

A special thank you to the District 89 Education Association for endorsing our candidacy. Along with our students, our teachers are the backbone of our school district and we look forward to working alongside you to ensure the needs of our students and teachers are met. We are humbled to have your support.

To those who attended Meet & Greets, Coffees with the Candidates, hosted us at your house, and those we met at the doors, we are truly appreciative of you and your understanding of the importance of this election.

We used our campaign as an opportunity to share our vision for District 89. Despite what we have heard from some, District 89 is an overperforming school district where families choose to live because of the level of education we offer our kids. Do we have things we can improve upon? Absolutely. Similar to school districts across the country, we have work to do, but the misinformation and twisted facts put forth by some makes us work harder to provide accurate information while offering our kids the best possible educational experience.

Rather than participate in the banter on social media and respond to the attacks by our opposition we chose to run a campaign to address what is working and what we can improve upon.

We are confident District 89 will continue to be a destination district for families for years to come.

We kindly ask for your vote as we look to build upon what we feel is the best school district in the state.

We believe in D89ForAll!

- Yannick, Jessica, & Scott 

Students First

We will ensure decisions made at the board table reflect all voices in the District 89 community, with an emphasis on a “students first” approach while balancing the needs of our district families, community members, and teachers. 


We believe in healthy, respectful debates that proactively solve meaningful issues that affect public education, and continually improve and expand upon the foundation on which our students develop.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our approach will focus on thoughtful deliberation and fiscal responsibilities.  We believe in having data based discussions and will be proactive and not reactive in our decision-making process.